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( Cook - Kay - Lee )

For the past 9 years, Cookeilidh has been delighting audiences with their high energy traditional, and modernized Celtic tunes. Comprised of 12-string guitar, electric bass, Irish flute, fiddle, bodhran, and vocals, they weave their own special blend of "Trad with Attitude".

Mixing the tunes of Ireland and Scotland, with a heaping spoonful of Maritime flavour, and a dash of Folk, is their recipe for a modern day kitchen party!

Members and Instruments:

Dave Cook: Acoustic 12 String Guitar & Vocals

Woody Wilson: Irish Wooden Flute, Bodhran, & Bones

Tom Pogson: Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass & Vocals

Kim Cook: Fiddle

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For more information contact Dave Cook at 1-250-382-0572 or email at: cookeilidh@shaw.ca